We used three different Super-16mm cameras during different points in the shoot. We used an Aaton LTR-54 and Éclair ACL 2 for most of our basic shooting and an Aaton XTR-Prod for all of our action shots. We went with the XTR-Prod for the action shots because it gave us the ability to change the shutter angle which gave us a much more intense look. With these cameras, we used a set of Superseed Optar Illumina Prime Lenses (8, 9.5,12,16,25 & 50mm) as well as a Canon Zoom Lense (11.5-138mm). Because of the large space and the visually interesting lines on the concrete, we felt it was important to get above the set as much as possible. Therefore, we used a Jimmy Jib for all of our crane shots. We used Kodak Vision2 50D(7201) low speed Super-16mm film, which is appropriate for daylight exterior filming in the summer and has a very tight grain structure that gave us room in the telecine process to strongly alter the image. We used Kodak Vision2 250D(7205) for shots with higher shutter angles. During telecine, we went with a very high contrast and desaturated colors. We also let the highlights burn a bit in order to bring out the heat of the schoolyard.

The film was shot in the hills of Oakland, California. The idea was to find a schoolyard that had a lot of open concrete space as well as a proper wall to shoot the handball scenes. Montclair Elementary School was perfect because they had this great monolithic wall set right in the middle of the yard. It also had a natural flow to a near by park where we could shoot the bike chase scenes.

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